Tips On Getting Valentine’s Day Flowers For A Loved One

Published : 17/01/2015 12:52:08

If you are interested in making your significant other feel special during Valentine’s day, one of the things you will definitely need to do is get them flowers such as roses. Though this seems like a straightforward thing to do, the truth of the matter is that you might need to put a bit more effort in it for you to get the most value for money. However, this does not mean that the process of getting the right flowers is difficult. You only need to identify the best Newcastle florists for this, and then keep a few points in mind when doing shopping so that you can end up with the best.

What are the hallmarks of a high quality florist?

As has been stated, one of the most important things you can do when in such a position is finding a high quality florist from whom you can then get quality flowers. There are a few things that define such a florist. For one, they usually get a fresh batch of roses on a regular basis. Remember that for the roses to have an impact, they need to be as fresh as possible. Buying from florists who stay with their stock for some time means that even if they look fresh, they are likely to wilt much sooner than the rest. These are florists that you should avoid.

This also means that if you can, you should always buy from popular florists. The fact that they are popular means that they have fast moving stock, and this in turn means that the chances of ending up with a bouquet that has been around for too long are very low.

Place your order on time

If you identify high quality Newcastle florists, you can be sure that there are many other people who would be interested in getting their flowers from them. In such cases, you might need to take into account the fact that if you order yours too late, you might not get what you want. To avoid this, always make a point of ordering the flowers several days in advance, particularly if you are getting them for Valentine’s Day. The fact that a number of Newcastle florists have an online presence means that you don’t even need to visit them in order to do this. You can use social media or even the florist’s site to get it done.

However, you still need to be careful with how you go about it. One of the important issues you need to address when making the order is ensuring that you are working with a florist who can honour them. The last thing you want to worry about is making such an order, and then finding out later that they did not get it done to your specifications. Confirming the order a few days after placing it is one way of avoiding this.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone

You don’t always have to give roses during Valentine’s Day. You can order other types of flowers depending on what your partner likes. This means that when you are shopping for them, it would be a good idea for you to explore these other options, and then pick the one that seems to suit them the most. In fact, though you will be departing from tradition, you may end up making more of an impression since you will have made a decision that stands out.

Always make sure that your instructions are clear

When you are ordering the flowers for such an occasion, you always need to make sure that all the instructions are clear. For instance, there are some people who might want the flowers delivered to their loves ones. In such cases, you should make sure that issues such as when to have them delivered and the address to which they are supposed to be delivered are very clear. This will reduce the risk of any confusion that might arise. Remember, florists tend to be very busy during Valentine’s Day, and the risk of making mistakes is high particularly if they are dealing with vague instructions.

When all is said and done, buying flowers for a loved one should not be a difficult thing to do. As long as you keep the above in mind, you should be fine.

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